Monday, September 3, 2018

September is Alzheimer’s Awareness month

September is Alzheimer’s Awareness month

During September organisations work in a focussed way to help create a dementia friendly community that is supportive and inclusive of people with dementia.

Dementia Friends

A Dementia Friend is someone who learns a bit more about what the experience of living with dementia is like.  They then use this understanding to help support one or more people they know with dementia, point out how we can all help people who are living with dementia or spread the word so that more people can understand what living with dementia can be like.

I am a Dementia Friend and I found becoming one very informative. 
It has helped me to better understand some of the older people in my family.
I have helped people to understand why their older family members do the things they do and how they can better support them.

Dementia Cafes in Cardiff

Cardiff Hubs & Libraries service will be holding their regular Dementia Cafes throughout Alzheimer’s Awareness month.  

Canton Library holds their café on the last Wednesday of every month from 2.30 - 3.30pm.

Central Library Hub hold theirs on every first and third Thursday of the month, 11am – 1pm, in the fourth floor meeting room.

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